not just a fitness brand- they run the company with pure love and care”, “gives us the space to learn, train and become comfortable with our bodies
— Mehrun Begum

This is for you if:

  • you have been afraid/unsure of using the weights section on your own.
  • you are desperate to drop body fat, add lean muscle and sculpt your body but unsure where to start.
  • you want to feel confident and happy in your body
  • you want to understand fully how to eat happily and healthily for you and those close to you
  • you are willing to invest 1.5 hours to yourself, two times a week.
  • you want to improve your health 
  • you want help from a simple and clear program that’s proven to work and create life lasting results
  • you want to make new friends that will only ever support what you want


Things to know...

To make sure we can give the highest level of attention during these sessions the maximum capacity is 12. So we expect our StrongHer warriors to be 100% committed to the program- if you are unable to commit please don't apply for one of the spots.

Sessions will take place in the heart of Whitechapel at FE GYM in a private studio. Tuesdays and Thursdays 7pm-8.30pm.

You are able to join the warrior project for 1,2 or 3 months depending on how much guidance and support you feel you need- however the nature of the program is to guarantee that you not only transform yourself but give yourself the confidence to walk out and and do it on your own too. 

Each month you will receive 12 hours of  Full body weight training/resistance training, Conditioning (HIIT) training, Body assessments/measurements and full nutrition and online support. This is all for for just £10 per hour, but we guarantee results or you will receive the FULL payment back. 

If you have read all the above and thought "This is me, I want this" then apply below, upon reviewing your application and once accepted we can get you underway to becoming a StrongHer Warrior

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