mEET OUR instructors

We host a range of fitness, nutrition & social events where women can support and share in each others issues, insecurities whilst confronting our relationships with their bodies


The Loud One.

All The L’s! Loud, Laughable, Lovely, A Leo - And Her Name Is…You Get It! Introducing Lyanne. You Will Drawn In By Her Infectious Laughter!

A Real Stickler For Pushing Women To Reach Their Potential- She Will Make You Realise Your TRUE Potential And Inner StrongHer. 


The Talkative One.

All The S’s; Silent, Socially Awkward & Shy….Hahaha, Who Are We Kidding! You Will Hear Sam A Mile Off! She’s A Woman That Likes To Repeat Herself (Because She Forgets) And A Lover Of Prosecco.

She Is All About BALANCE, And You Will Often Hear Her Say, "If You Cant See Yourself Doing It For 5 Years, Dont Do It Now!"

You Have Been Warned!

The Efficient One.

This Little Legend, Is Our Head Run Coach! Inspirational Is An Understatement- Natasha Used Running As An Outlet To Overcome A Very Big Challenge…The Big C!

This Woman Knows Exactly What The Mind And Body Needs In Order To Fight The Hardest Parts Of Life!
Begin Making Strides With This Sensational Survivor!

The Happy & Healthy One.