Do you feel like you’re not the “type” of woman to take risks, not the type of woman to get everything you ever wanted, not the type of woman to feel good about herself inside and out, or do the impossible crazy things in life? You are WRONG... StrongHer is for every single woman that lands on the planet, and promises that no matter who you are, where you come from, what you may look like - you are beautiful and strong and we have got your back all the way. You can reach the unreachable and achieve the impossible if you let yourself discover your true strength and thats exactly what we want to help each and every one of you do.

We want to give every single woman the tools to be able to fully own their health, fitness and wellbeing without having to part with £25 for a 45 minute class, where you have been left confused, unsure and doubting your abilities or maybe you didn’t even go because you thought you would look stupid, you wouldn’t “fit in” and its too expensive.

Helping over 250 women over the last year on our sold out Warrior Project, we are extremely proud of every single woman that we have come into contact with, but know we have a massively long way to go to make a dent in the 33% of women that don’t participate in exercise due to the internal barriers they face. We want the next generation of women, your daughters, nieces, and those unborn to feel that the sky is the limit, know that no goal is unachievable…How are we going to do this with our very own StrongHer Space - created FOR THE WOMAN

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A SAFE & ACCESSIBLE SPACE- Accessibility to all women is one of our utmost principles and so our space will cater to the needs of women from all socio demographics/ cultures thus providing an environment of zero judgement, comfort and privacy therefore they can be themselves at all times- a home from home

WARRIOR PROJECT- More than just a small group training program, Warrior Project sets about accepting 8-10 women (per course) who are new to resistance training/ intimidated to use weights, not only to reap the benefits of personal training but fully under understand their own nutrition and sustainable eating habits as well as readjusting their mindset to always promote success both in and out of fitness. This all comes at a fraction of the cost but with considerably more support from both coaches and peers.

COMMUNITY & SOCIAL EVENT SPACE - With the community at the heart of StrongHer and making every woman belong- a dedicated space to either escape home or work life, a co-working space, a meet up whatever you want this will be created for all purposes and needs…its your space. The space will also host guest talks in holistic health, wellness, business etc as well as being available to hire for larger events/shoots.

WOMEN’S ONLY GYM- This un-intimidating gym will include 90% resistance training equipment- to keep in line with our ethos for women to take back control and not feel uneasy around weights. The gym will be available to use off-peak or to use at their leisure

PAYG CLASSES- Can’t commit to our Warrior Project, No drama! A more flexible approach learn and laugh whilst working out and walk out feeling invigorated and ready to take on the day ? We will host a whole range of women only classes from strength & conditioning to boxing, dance fitness and yoga

NUTRITION & COFFEE BAR- Ranking higher in importance than fitness itself, nutrition is key to living happily and healthily, but the majority of women are unsure what to fuel there bodies with - So completely transparent, wholesome & balanced food and beverages will be available

CHILDREN FRIENDLY ZONE - We understand that one of the biggest barriers for women is childcare and so for that very reason, we will be breaking that barrier along with many others by having a child friendly zone in which children can wait with a fully certified child minder whilst women are able to participate in classes/events etc.


We are super excited to announce that we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign with Crowdcube ahead of the opening of our first London site and want YOU, our community, to be a part of it.

You can invest from as little as £10 and own a piece of StrongHer. 

For more information on where we are heading and to hear more about our shareholder rewards, enter your email address below and we will send you over the pitch details and the link to our campaign before it goes live to the public.