Ok so you have managed to get a 5k or maybe you run regularly at the gym but are you have hit a plateau, not much is improving and secretly you are striving for more? StrongHer Strides is now stepping up their game for the ladies that want a bit more of a challenge and begin to nail the technical aspects of their already strong run.

If you are a regular runner, thats got a little comfortable in your step or have set out to achieve a new PB this year, Strides will push you upto the next level . Guaranteed to improve your speed, endurance or simply find a group of likeminded ladies to run with, we have something to offer you.

Every session includes:

  • Targeted and specific dynamic warm-up

  • Fun and challenging running program

  • Specific resistance training technique- to improve form

  • Recommendations and advice on technique

  • Mindful cool-down

Earn access to the exclusive StrongHer Strides WhatsApp group with bonus advice and training tips as well as all the latest news on the hottest new running club in town.

Choose to join us for a 1 off session for £8 or grab 5 sessions for £25 (12 week expiry)

Beginner or seasoned pro, we make one promise to you: You will come away from the session having achieved more than you ever expected you would!