Crowdfunding starts for the most Powerful & Positive wellness space for women...

Why are we crowdfunding?

StrongHer, right from the very get go, has been all about community. About bringing women together from all walks of life, backgrounds, circumstances and potentially bringing women together who may never have met in normal, everyday life. We want to not only bring our existing community even further into what we are all about and be a part of StrongHer but also to expand that community to even further, giving even more women the chance to be a part of something which is going to be BIG.

We want to understand the different communities to be able to help even more women, and we want your opinions and suggestions in how we can tackle our huge mission of giving EVERY woman back that control of their own bodies.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is NOT a kickstarter. It is not just donating money to a person/company/cause but instead, actually owning a part of StrongHer and being able to share your opinions, be heard, and make change. In exchange; you will receive shares in StrongHer, as well as some rather spicy rewards for shareholders (or guys - give them to your wife/mum/daughter! win win situation ;) )

What is it for?

We are raising money to keep up with this insane momentum that is happening from you guys out there. StrongHer isn’t us - it’s YOU. We have reached so many limitations now in terms of what we can offer and how much we can offer, and so, now is the time to create our very own StrongHer Space which will be London’s first ever women’s strength & conditioning facility.

What will the space entail?


No, but seriously, on top of the above - we will be able to host even more of our proven, sold out Warrior Projects with a flexi-option available too to those who can’t commit to the same set days every week. A whole host of classes and concepts for those of you who have never stepped foot in a gym, to the Warriors who have left the project and wanting to move into more specialised training e.g Gymnastic coaching, powerlifting etc.

A child-friendly space with qualified staff so your kids no longer have to be your excuse ;) and more than anything - a WOMEN ONLY, no men allowed zone with no intimidation, lots of support and suitable for those of you who require a women’s only area for cultural/religious reasons. NO MEN - YAHHHHHH!

Why now?

As previously mentioned, we create more and you guys sell it out. Having gone from 1 tiny Warrior Project in the depths of Whitechapel with only 10 wonderful women to having 6 projects across London, almost always sold out with 58 women - London has no more facilities available to us to hire! Now is the time to create our own space to be able to offer you guys everything we want to be able to offer you. We have exceeded expectations of timeframe and continue to surprise even ourselves and we don’t want to stop helping as many women as we can.

Who can invest and become a shareholder?

Anyone. You don’t need to be female to be a shareholder in StrongHer. We value men’s opinions too and, in the success of our business - we want those that can help us continually grow, develop and take over the world ;)

From as little as £10, you can be a shareholder in StrongHer - find out more information, see FAQ’s HERE and if you have a question that isn’t there - please drop Sam an email on; and she has got your answers! We would love to have you join our StrongHer (crazy) journey!