A Passion Project & Forward Thinking Fitness Concept By Women Only Personal Trainers Lyanne Hodson (Li-FT In The City) & Sam Prynn (SPPT)...Focusing Their Combined Energy And Enthusiasm To Help WOMEN Of All Shapes, Sizes, Backgrounds And Cultures To Discover Their True Potential, Self Worth, Confidence And Strength In Safe, Supportive And Fun Environment.



Best friends for the last 5 years, founders Lyanne and Sam both came from professional dance backgrounds, so an industry full of scrutiny based on appearance, as well as dealing with personal body & health issues. As per the norm of a 20 something woman trying to lose body fat, they attacked countless fad diets, ridiculous gym regimes together and a whole lot of cardio, with no real success.

Upon both working as receptionist and/or promo staff for some national chain gym they were introduced to working with weights. Learning little bits and bobs from peers and seeing some form of changes, they decided it was time to learn fro themselves and become personal trainers.

Once within the fitness industry it soon became very apparent that there were some huge conflicts in the information available, who was right who was wrong, who could they trust and how could they make something so intimidating fun?!



Having both trained predominantly women since qualifying, Sam and Lyanne noticed the severe lack of women weight training, the complete jumble that surrounded nutrition, and that women weren’t ENJOYING fitness. So they decided to combine forces to provide a community where women didn't feel ashamed to ask questions, could learn the benefits of resistance training, and shift their mindset towards many of life’s challenges…and behold! StrongHer was born, a place where modern women warriors are made! 

We work with real women, that have real issues, real jobs,real relationship dramas and real health issues to show them they are enough, they are not alone and that being strong in your body leads to strength in your mind. Realising if they were strongHer in themselves the daily challenges they faced would no longer be an obstruction yet something they could face head on and conquer with no fear. The power of training doesnt just stop in the gym!



In a society where fitness is becoming increasingly popular, women are becoming more body and health conscious. Selfies, likes, follows - are you clean eating? How many carbs are you having? Why don't I look like her? I hate those flappy bits!  The list goes on... but these things are determining how women view themselves...WHY?  But also, who can women trust, follow and take advice from? Who is being real, honest and speaking the flipping truth? WE ARE!

We host a range of fitness, nutrition & social events where women can support and share in each others issues, insecurities whilst confronting our relationships with their bodies. All through the how to’s of resistance training, the re-educating of balanced, healthy and long-term nutrition, re-establishing their personal values and creating an environment that allows women to be themselves, rediscover their capabilities and truly become empowered.